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  • Management Development Program

    About This Course

    • The IMDP Program was developed to assist insurance companies in Career and Succession Planning
    • Each participant will undergo intensive courses that will teach them essential information and tools that are necessary and making them highly skilled, well-rounded and management-ready insurance practitioners.

    About IMDP

    • The IMDP is a 25-course certification program
    • The IMDP Course is divided into Core and Elective Subjects
      • Core subjects are pre-requisite subjects to be able to pass the program.
    • The courses are offered over a 6-months period
    • Sessions are held at the IIAP Seminar Rooms, typically on Tuesdays to Thursdays from 1-5PM in the afternoon.
    • A participant will receive a certificate of completion after every course and upon completion of the IMDP course will receive an IMDP Certificate.
    • There are no pre-requisite course for this program

    Types of Participants

    • Core Participant – recommended by their own company president and expected to complete the 25-course program.
      • Required to pass a thesis by the end of the 25-course program
    • Transient Participant – enrolled in one, two or any number of IMDP course as seminar participant.

    Core Subjects

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    1 Basic Financial Management – 3 sessions 3
    2 Basic Leadership – 3 sessions 3
    3 Basic Marketing Management – 3 sessions 3
    4 Business Ethics – 3 sessions 3
    5 Effective Business Correspondence – 4 sessions 4
    6 Enterprise Risk Management – 5 sessions 5
    7 Macroeconomics – 3 sessions 3
    8 Management Dynamics – 4 sessions 4
    9 Management Science – 4 sessions 4
    10 Operations Management – 4 sessions 4
    11 People Management – 3 sessions 3
    12 Strategic Management - 5 sessions 5
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  • Special Courses